Frictionless Access

September 09, 2020

As offices, homes, and other workplaces are having increasingly more complex security needs, the demand for security products is on the rise.

An adequately designed access ecosystem must empower people to carry on with their daily lives freely while providing them a peace of mind and sense of security. Frictionless access is a method of permitting access to an area without interfering with the user experience. In other words, tapping into frictionless access allows a person to walk into an otherwise locked room or building, with hands in their pockets. Especially in hectic or crowded environments such as buzzing offices, hospitals, or factories, frictionless access can save time, optimize the people flow, and significantly enhance security.

Furthermore, as frictionless access is an innovative method to go hands-free, it promotes hygiene and public health. As the concerns about the two peaked due to the COVID-19 outbreak, hands-free access never resonated more with millions of people.