Barrette Outdoor Living Generates Massive Power With Another Solar Panel Installation

November 05, 2020

Barrette Outdoor Living has completed the installation of a rooftop solar array on their 200,000 square foot aluminum fence and railing manufacturing facility in Brooksville, FL, making it the largest privately-owned solar project in Florida at the time of contract.

The 2.35 Megawatt DC system was designed and installed by Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The array is comprised of 27 invertors, 6,354 solar panels and is capable of producing more than 2,352,489 watts DC of power output which will offset approximately 81 percent of the facility’s electricity consumption.

This rooftop array is a major step in not only reducing operating costs, but minimizing Barrette Outdoor Living’s carbon footprint on the community. The energy generated by the solar array will produce approximately 3.465 gigawatt hour of energy annually with a CO2 offset of 2,450 metric ton. This equates to driving 6,079,140 miles in a passenger vehicle, charging 312,440,375 smartphones or planting 40,510 trees.

This is the second Barrette Outdoor Living plant to undergo a transition to solar power. In April 2019, the company completed installation of a 2.14 Megawatt DC rooftop system at their 400,000 square foot facility in Galloway, NJ. “As a leading manufacturer, we are proud of our commitment to build sustainable and environmentally-responsible practices to help green our supply chain and decrease our carbon footprint,” said Jean desAutels, President of Barrette Outdoor Living. The company will continue to further their sustainable gains by working to implement solar panel programs throughout some of their other facilities over the next few years.