A Customer Portal Made For You MyEdge™ Online Customer Portal

January 11, 2021

Project Overview - Ryan Purdie, Inventory Purchasing Agent for Davis Door Service, has been sourcing products for Davis Door for over 20 years and is always looking for ways to order products and manage his manufacturer relationships as efficiently as possible. Ryan was looking for a way to improve Davis Door's turn-around time on projects for customers where time was of the essence.

The Challenge - Davis Door takes great pride in offering fast response services for their customers. Sometimes this means working after hours; sourcing products, providing quotes, or installing products even during offhours. This can be challenging when you can't get quotes while manufacturers are closed. “The Customer Service team at Miller Edge has always done a great job, but every once in a while, there were situations where being able to place orders, check order history, or get quotes after hours would have been very helpful,” said Purdie.

The Solution - Miller Edge recently released its online customer portal called MyEdge. MyEdge is a unique online customer portal that allows customers to access their accounts, anytime day or night. Customers can use MyEdge to place orders, generate quotes, check order history, and much more - all from the convenience of their own devices. Ryan immediately took advantage of the new tool and has been using it actively since its launch. “MyEdge is one of the easiest to use portals I have ever seen — very intuitive and customer friendly. It allows me to get the information I need back to customers faster,” says Purdie.

The Result - Davis Door Service is able to quickly and easily create quotes in MyEdge, allowing them to respond quickly to customers. Over time, Purdie has grown to utilize MyEdge for nearly all his ordering. “For quoting, ordering and checking status, now I use MyEdge almost all the time because of its ease of use and the convenience of getting what I need quickly. I still contact Miller Edge by phone or email every now and then in special situations and they do a great job for me, but for the most part I use MyEdge just because it’s so convenient and it’s available to me anytime I want – even if Miller Edge is closed,” said Purdie.

About MyEdge - Miller Edge customers can use MyEdge to access their Miller Edge accounts, create quotes, check pricing, and access their account history, billing, and current orders all in one location. Additionally, MyEdge offers unique sales and marketing programs designed to make branding your showroom, truck, fleet, and marketing efforts very easy. This portal has been customized for MyEdge users to stay up to date on Miller Edge news and updates, as well as downloadable resources. Register at www.myedge.milleredge.com to gain access!