Metal-Fab Fights the Fire with DynaGuard™

April 23, 2021

How can a ceiling radiation damper be tested and listed for use on an active blower air handling system? It must be dynamic.

Changes in the international building and mechanical codes have generated the need for safer ceiling radiation damper installations. DynaGuard™ is the first and only product developed exclusively from Metal-Fab that is able to meet these new code requirements.

In 2015, the International Code Council (ICC) made significant changes to the IMC and IBC, requiring the use of dynamic ceiling radiation dampers for air systems with fans that remain on in the event of a fire. The tempo-rary solution was accomplished with costly electrical control systems known as micro switches that are unique to each building design. The simpler and more economical solution to the problem is provided by using UL listed “dynamic” ceiling radiation damper or DynaGuard™ damper that is tested and listed for such conditions.