S-5 Attachment Solutions Help New York Orchard Add Rooftop Solar Power

April 27, 2021

S-5! is regarded as one of the world's leading providers of attachment solutions for the direct mounting of solar panel arrays to metal roofs. Joining the company's ever-growing portfolio of successful installations is KC Bailey Orchards in upstate New York. On that project, the company's S-5-PVKIT®2.0 solar attachment solution and S-5-S Mini clamps were used to secure solar panels to five new apple storage buildings. Panels were added to four existing older buildings as well, but conditions dictated those panels be mounted using the more traditional rail system.

A standing seam roof was selected to allow direct-attach of the solar panels to the seams or ribs of the roof, preserving the PV assembly’s longevity by providing a penetration-free system. The PVKIT mounting system was chosen to secure the solar panels to the metal roof because it provides a rail-less, aesthetically-pleasing, penetration-free, and cost-effective solar mounting solution.

Another added benefit of the solar is that is creates a shaded air space between the solar panels and the metal roof, lowering the surface temperature on the roof and lessening the refrigeration load because the exterior structure is cool, thus creating a more energy-efficient building. Together, the solar PV and the metal building components provide the sustainability the Baileys hoped to achieve.