IOTA® ILBHI emergency drivers address the challenges of 347-480 VAC applications

August 11, 2021

IOTA® introduces the ILBHI Series emergency drivers for applications using 347-480VAC line power. The IOTA ILBHI converts the incoming 347-480VAC power to DC voltage for operating the LED array or light engine from the internal battery supply for the code-required 90-minutes during a loss of normal power.

With the ability to accept the native 347-480VAC input, the IOTA ILBHI Series eliminates the challenges created by using typical 120/277VAC emergency driver products, such as the need for stepdown transformers, dedicated 120/277VAC circuits, potential incompatibility with other control devices, or the use of additional surge suppression equipment.

The IOTA ILBHI Series includes emergency drivers for both Class 2 and non-Class 2 luminaires on the 347-480VAC circuit, with mounting and wattage options to match individual lighting requirements.

Other benefits of the IOTA ILBHI emergency drivers include: • Constant Power delivers consistent emergency illumination from Minute 1 to Minute 90 • Auto-Sense forward voltages for both 15-55VDC and 55-250VDC luminaires • Self-test/self-diagnostics automatically conduct required monthly and annual tests. • High-efficiency design helps meet CA Title 20 energy performance standards for battery chargers • UL 924 Listed for factory or field installation in the United States and Canada • 5-Year Warranty

IOTA’s emergency driver designs are carefully engineered, manufactured, and handled to deliver optimal customer satisfaction and performance in the field.