McElroy Metal’s Medallion selected for Texas condo reroofing project

August 12, 2021

There’s always going to be competition when you’re bidding on a visible re-roofing job. Sam Mott, owner of Wimberley Roofing in Wimberley, Texas, is not one to shy away from a little competition.

“It was a fun project,” Mott insists. “We were humbled and happy to be offered the opportunity to complete this project. There were eight bids and we were not the cheapest. Fortunately, our reputation and experience with these kinds of projects was enough to convince the owners that we were the best-suited to do the job right.”

Mott’s bid included 24,000 square feet of McElroy Metal’s 24-gauge Medallion-Lok standing seam panels. Medallion-Lok features a narrow 1-3/4-inch-tall standing seam that creates crisp, clean visual lines. The roof color chosen was Sherwin-Williams Fluropon PVDF Terra Cotta, similar to the color of the concrete tiles when they were originally installed.

“The number one concern with this project was dealing with the fact the buildings were fully occupied,” Mott says. “We had a safety person on hand at all times, to make sure the residents knew when we were working and on what part of the buildings we would be working on. Concrete tiles coming off a roof can do a lot of damage.”

Mott says the job was completed in 2-1/2 weeks, beginning to end. Tearing off the concrete tiles took a full two days.

“The original roofing system consisted of a single-layer felt underlayment, which was in pretty bad shape,” Mott says. “We had to do some cleanup, replace some deck boards. We used GAP Guardshield for most of the roof and Carlisle WIP 300 (High Temperature) underlayment in the valleys and all penetrations.”

The roofs on both buildings are pretty cut up, with several valleys, gables, slope changes and penetrations, including four skylights on each building, measuring 4 by 4 feet.

“They were a little bigger than we like to work with, but we’re always extra careful with skylights,” Mott says. “We put new curbs behind the skylights and wrapped them up with the PSU underlayment to keep them watertight. Some of the old stucco on the chimneys had to be cleaned up and touched up before we could install the metal curb detail around them.”

Ultimately, the job was completed on time and everyone was pleased with the results.