August 18, 2021

ICD, an industry leader in manufacturing water-based coatings for 35 years, has announced today the company will begin operating under a newly extended formal name, known as ICD High Performance Coatings + Chemistries.

Kris Vockler, CEO & President expresses the significance of this pivotal moment in the company’s history, “This rebrand strategy isn’t only a name change, it cements ICD’s vision for the future by expanding both our product offerings and promoting our silicone expertise.”

Describing market reach expansion, Casey Anderson, ICD Marketing Manager states, “In addition to our B2B architectural, automotive, and decorative/protective coatings, we now manufacture and offer upstream solutions for the broader coatings formulation market. This is also achieved while prioritizing sustainable contributions.”

The proprietary product magnifying ICD’s sales channel opportunities is a 1-component, water-based silicone elastomer named PerformaSil™ 100. It’s formulated to improve overall coating properties and out-perform solvent-based silicones, while aiding easy application and cleanup.

The unique capabilities of PerformaSil™ 100 are characterized by DJ Widmer, ICD Global Sales Director, “This revolutionary silicone latex is best utilized as a co-resin or sole binder when formulating ambient-cure or baked architectural coatings. It plays well in the waterproofing, protective, anti-graffiti, and air and weather barrier segments as a co-binder to increase coating weatherability and water resistance. Incorporation in exterior coating formulation is also beneficial when harsh weather conditions are a concern. As a bonus, it exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, such as masonry, glass, metal, wood, and textiles.”