Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Announces Its New High Performing Thermal Window Wall With Seamless Design, Fit and Installation

October 13, 2021

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE), a leading global supplier of architectural glass, metal and hardware, announced today the addition of a new thermal window wall system to its portfolio: TCR-225. TCR-225 thermal window wall joins OBE’s suite of façade products for projects and markets requiring high-performing solutions.

“We designed a triple threat answer to our customers’ challenges on projects requiring elevated thermal performance by putting energy performance, aesthetic appeal and ease-of-installation into one standard, cost effective window wall solution,” said Don Pangburn, Product Designer at OBE.

For unmatched energy performance, OBE leverages thermal strut technology resulting in industry-leading U-Factors with a variety of infill options. A U-Factor as low as 0.30 with 0.24 COG can be achieved without the need for triple glazing while a U-Factor as low as 0.34 with 0.29 COG can be achieved without the addition of high-performance glass or argon. This allows customers to customize the solution making TCR-225 a more cost-effective window wall option.

The innovative front screw spline allows for tight, more consistent joints that eliminate visual gaps between the horizontal and vertical mullions for a seamless look while the dual finish option allows for color selection to match the exterior and interior. Get product details here.

“We also designed this product to help address some of the challenges with labor we know our customers are facing,” added Pangburn.

TCR-225 is available dry glazed and as a pre-glazed system to save time, ensure quality and significantly reduce field labor required during installation. To learn more about how the new TCR-225 window wall system offers top thermal performance, seamless design and simplified installation, visit obe.com.