Captivating Cadence: New to our CastGlass Line

May 31, 2022

As the newest addition to our CastGlass line, Cadence Levels designs celebrate glass in its purest form. Fluid textures accentuated by laminated solid color interlayers capture light and create softly shifting rhythms that define each dimensional surface.

Cadence Levels designs are the latest example of F+S production innovations pushed in new directions to achieve intriguing optical effects in architectural glass. Textures are precisely cast and laminated in a way that creates a smooth outward-facing glass surface with a water-like appearance.

Cadence surfaces have a subtle relief that catch light, play with shadows, and appear to flow and change as viewing angles shift. The combination of glass and interlayer results in a captivating collection of designs.

Four Cadence Levels textures are standard. All are accentuated by a solid color interlayer that adds visual richness and enhances the perceptual depth of each design. The glass itself is inherently clear.

Interlayers are standard in Taupe or in six metallic colors that coordinate with our stainless steel and Fused Metal.

In addition, we can color match any Pantone, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color.

Cadence Levels glass is available exclusively in our LEVELe Wall Cladding and Column Systems and in LEVELe and LEVELc Elevator Interiors. Each system is designed to address typical mechanical details like trim and attachment systems so designers don’t need to worry about resolving these aspects; they can simply focus on the creative process and bringing their Cadence Levels projects to life.

Used with our Systems, Cadence Levels glass gives designers new ways to incorporate light play and dimension into projects and bring statement-making, low-maintenance glass into and across a property.

In addition, the ability to coordinate Cadence glass colors with other F+S metals makes it easier than ever to achieve cohesive end results. And, the option for custom colors invites effortless alignment with project-specific design, branding and wayfinding themes.

Whatever the color, whatever the application, the fluid rhythms of Cadence Levels glass offer an unparalleled optical experience.

Captivated by the possibilities? Explore the Cadence Levels glass product page to learn more.