August 10, 2022

Canada Brick (formerly Meridian Brick), a leading brick manufacturer since the 1950s and sister company to Arriscraft (under parent company General Shale) has introduced four exciting new Architectural Series brick colours.

Canada Brick welcomes four on trend colours to its Architectural Series family, starting with Creekside, Shadow Ridge, and Spring Hill, each in matt and velour finishes. These sophisticated, neutral tones lend a subtle, modern elegance to commercial and residential projects. The new White Ash brick, featuring an iron spot finish, delivers a light brick with a hint of old-world character. Each of these new Architectural Series products are available in Metric Modular, Imperial Modular, Quebec, Ontario, CSR, MAX, Metric Norman, Engineer Norman, and Metric Jumbo sizes.

Creekside - A warm blend of grey tones, the perfect neutral for modern designs.

Shadow Ridge - Deep and dramatic, Shadow Ridge delivers a bold, modern black brick.

Spring Hill - A bright, neutral and calming grey tone for a refreshing and modern finish.

White Ash - A warm white with iron spot detailing for a crisp and charming aesthetic.