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September 20, 2022

TREND Group's Aureo Mosaic Makes Any Space a Sight to Behold

As the old saying goes, “everything that glitters isn’t gold”. But at TREND we beg to differ! Presented in Yellow Gold, White Gold and Platinum White options, our Aureo® mosaics truly are a sight to behold. Our authentic and unique 24K gold leaf is handmade using the same ancient goldbeating techniques we have for ages. The magical process of making 24K gold leaf evokes beauty like no other material can. Get Shades of Gold Catalog here.

The Heart of Our Orsoni Furnace

TREND Group is firmly rooted in the artistic integrity of its Venetian glass foundry, the Orsoni Venezia 1888 furnace. One of the most iconic items you will find at Orsoni is the crucible. Each crucible (or crogioli) is unique and tells the story of every new color created, which is then stored in our world famous Color Library.

The crucible is the heart of the furnace which forges glass with colorants at high temperatures, giving life to Orsoni’s smalti. Orsoni uses the same traits since 1888 to produce Venetian smalti. The indelible traces of this process are represented by the infinite shades and tones that translate into unique pieces of art. Discover More.

TREND Welcomes Fall

Perhaps you’ve noticed a slightly cooler breeze or better yet, you’ve seen some beautiful leaves starting to change their colors. That comes as no surprise since today marks the beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

Also known as the Autumnal Equinox, at TREND we’re always inspired by nature and we particularly love Fall colors as inspiration. See the Full Glass Collection.

TREND Middle East at INDEX Saudi Arabia

What a great time we had at INDEX Saudi 2022! TREND Group Middle East proudly displayed several of our prominent mosaic collections and glass tiles. Visitors were able to see face to face the versatility and beauty of TREND products and talk about the endless possibilities they create. We look forward to participating again next year!

Discover TREND at Aire in Valencia, Spain

In celebration of Valencia as World Design Capital 2022, LAUFEN presents an ephemeral and unique space created in collaboration with interior designers from SINMAS ESTUDIO that brings forth the uniqueness, exclusivity, and design of the high-end Swiss bathroom firm to the streets of the city. A meeting point for architecture and design, open to citizens, where TREND Group features its very own 1 x 1 cm mosaic mural from our Artwalls "Watercolor" collection.