Architectural Precast Concrete, and the Endless Design Possibilities it offers

November 28, 2022

Princeton University did a series of “social sculptures,” entitled The Home We Share (2022). These sculptures have been permanently installed outside of the University’s new Residential Colleges. Consisting of a playfully oversized concrete couch, a huge picnic table, brightly colored metal flowers, and more, the three spaces are designed to encourage socialization and to erase the boundaries between art and life.

R&R Studios was commissioned for this project. R&R founders and designers, Rosario Behar and Rosario Marquardt selected Premier Precast of Delray Beach Florida as the precast manufacture of the couch sculpture. The design incorporated three sections of Cast Stone Concrete in a Keystone Texture, with an overall dimension of 376” x 72” x 56”. This couch design from R&R Studios, is an example of the endless architecture design possibilities when incorporating architectural precast concrete from Florida’s leading specialty precast concrete manufacture, Premier Precast of Delray Beach Florida.