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Continuing Education

WELL® AP Credential Maintenance

The WELL® AP is required to take a total of 30 CE (continuing education) hours biennially; 6 WELL-specific hours and 24 General hours. The courses listed here contain information related to WELL credit category concepts and are all GBCI approved continuing education.

Course Name Sponsor Duration
Integrating Products for Safe Workplace Reoccupancy AEC Daily 1.0 hr(s)
Innovations in Window Film for Architectural Applications Eastman Performance Films, LLC 1.0 hr(s)
Western Red Cedar: Measuring Environmental Impact Through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Forest Certifications Western Forest Products 1.0 hr(s)
Gaining a US/CAN Perspective on Accessibility ABE Factors Inc. 1.25 hr(s)
Sustainable Design With Recycled Rubber Surfaces Dinoflex - Recycled Rubber Innovators 1 hr(s)
Next Generation Solid Surface Lotte Chemical 1.0 hr(s)
Be Cool: How Designers Can Improve Thermal Comfort with HVLS Fans MacroAir 1.0 hr(s)
Sun Controls: A Sustainable Design Practice Construction Specialties Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
The Future of Design: The Necessary Rise of Inclusive Design Decanthropy 1.25 hr(s)
Impact of Window Treatments on Commercial Daylighting Design SWFcontract 1.0 hr(s)
Biomimicry: Design By Nature SWFcontract 1.0 hr(s)
Daylight and Window Management with Automated Controls Mecho 1.0 hr(s)
Lessons in Socially Responsible Design, Paint Technology, and LEED® Requirements for a Sustainable Future Dunn-Edwards Corporation 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainable High Pressure Decorative Laminate Wilsonart 1.0 hr(s)
LIVE Moss Wellness Walls: Soothing the Senses and Revitalizing Indoor Air Moss Walls - Live Eco-Systems 1.0 hr(s)
Creating Healthy Living Environments with New Paint Technology Benjamin Moore & Co. 1.0 hr(s)
Creating Healthy Living Environments with New Paint Technology (CDN) Benjamin Moore & Co. 1.0 hr(s)
Biophilic Design and Resilient Flooring HMTX Industries 1 hr(s)
Sound Control in Multi-Family Floor/Ceiling Assemblies Arcosa Specialty Materials 1 hr(s)
Closing the Loop on Office Furniture Davies Office 1 hr(s)
Sustainable Design Using Highly Insulated Diffused Natural Daylight Kalwall Corporation 1.25 hr(s)
Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Synthetic Grass Solutions SYNLawn 1.0 hr(s)
Architectural Resin Solutions for Light, Color, & Pattern Lumicor 1.0 hr(s)
Daylighting Using Skylights and Translucent Wall Systems Major Industries, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
There are 24 courses in this collection.