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LEED AP® Building Design + Construction Credential Maintenance

A LEED AP® BD+C is required to take a total of 30 CE (continuing education) hours biennially; 6 LEED-specific hours and 24 LEED General hours. Among the ways to earn CE hours is Education, either GBCI Approved Education or Unapproved Education. GBCI now allows LEED APs with Specialty to take an unlimited amount of either to meet credentialing requirements, while encouraging participants to take approved education where possible. Nowhere will you find as many FREE GBCI Approved courses than here, at AEC Daily.

Course Name Sponsor Duration
Managing Water Efficiency with Dual-Flush Toilets Geberit North America 1 hr(s)
Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design greenscreen® 1.0 hr(s)
Zinc Building Envelopes: Sustainable Architectural Metal MORIN, A Kingspan Group Company 1.0 hr(s)
Planning a Sustainable Energy Future AEC Daily 2.5 hr(s)
Critical Elements in Specifying Underslab Moisture & Gas Barriers Raven Industries – Engineered Films Division 1 hr(s)
Planning Resilient Water Management Strategies - Part II AEC Daily 2.0 hr(s)
Reducing Peak Energy Demand: The Hidden Benefit of Cool Roofs Chemical Fabrics and Film Association 1.25 hr(s)
Conserving Water and Energy: Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters Morris Group 1.0 hr(s)
Thermal Bridging Solutions for Balconies and Masonry Support Leviat 1.0 hr(s)
Energy-Efficient Envelope Design Using Integrally-Insulated Concrete Tilt-Up Panels Leviat 1.0 hr(s)
Planning Resilient Water Management Strategies - Part I AEC Daily 2.25 hr(s)
General Contractor Leadership in Green Building Sustainable Solutions 2.0 hr(s)
Increasing Concrete Durability and Sustainability with Crystalline Waterproofing Xypex Chemical Corporation 1.0 hr(s)
Composite Aluminum/Wood Windows for Thermal and Structural Performance H Window Company 1.25 hr(s)
Division 9 Finishes: Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Treatments Catalyst Acoustics Group 1.0 hr(s)
Specifying Western Red Cedar: Sustainable Building Products Western Forest Products 1.0 hr(s)
Cellulose Fiber: Enhancing Sustainability in Concrete Solomon Colors 1.0 hr(s)
PICP 3: Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Maintenance Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainable Curb Appeal Kingspan Insulated Panels 1.0 hr(s)
Introduction to High-Density Parking Systems PARKPLUS Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Vinyl: A Modern Material for Modern Healthcare Vinyl Institute 1.25 hr(s)
Western Red Cedar: Measuring Environmental Impact Through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Forest Certifications Western Forest Products 1.0 hr(s)
Benefiting from Mixed-Mode Ventilation with Operable Skylights, Windows, and Doors Solar Innovations, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Building Energy Efficiency & Roof Design GAF 1.0 hr(s)
Natural Beauty: Design with Biophilic Principles to Promote Occupant Well-Being Mecho 1.25 hr(s)
Air Curtains: Energy Savings & Occupant Comfort Berner International 1.25 hr(s)
Water Savings with Every Flush: Improving Water Conservation in High Performance Buildings Niagara 1.0 hr(s)
Pressure Equalized Rainscreens (PERs) for High-Wind Conditions Rmax – A Business Unit of the Sika Corporation 1.0 hr(s)
Be Cool: How Designers Can Improve Thermal Comfort with HVLS Fans MacroAir 1.0 hr(s)
Integrated Pest Management Plans for All Facilities, Including LEED® Greenleaf Pest Control 1.25 hr(s)
Contemporary Electric Heating Benefits Marley Engineered Products 1.0 hr(s)
Polyiso: The Next Generation Air and Water-Resistive Barrier Rmax – A Business Unit of the Sika Corporation 1.25 hr(s)
The Importance of Acoustics in Healthcare Construction Specialties Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Light-Manipulating Materials: Engaging, Biophilic, & Sustainable Sensitile Systems 1.5 hr(s)
Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Sika Sarnafil 1.0 hr(s)
Sun Controls: A Sustainable Design Practice Construction Specialties Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
The Future of Design: The Necessary Rise of Inclusive Design Decanthropy 1.25 hr(s)
Sustainable Cladding Solutions for Innovative Architecture LUXYCLAD 1.0 hr(s)
Top-Down Design for Green Streets Citygreen USA 1.0 hr(s)
Impact of Window Treatments on Commercial Daylighting Design SWFcontract 1.0 hr(s)
Panel Radiators: The Modern Radiator Solution Runtal North America, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Optimizing Energy Efficiency with Polycarbonate Sheeting Systems Gallina USA, LLC 1.25 hr(s)
Reflective Insulation & Radiant Barriers Covertech Flexible Packaging 1 hr(s)
Engineered Wood Siding: Benefits for Sustainable Design KWP Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Biomimicry: Design By Nature SWFcontract 1.0 hr(s)
LED Retrofit Solutions for Interiors and Exteriors Solais 1.25 hr(s)
Electric Vehicle Charging: Basics and Beyond ChargePoint, Inc. 1.25 hr(s)
Structural Laminated Decking Disdero Lumber Co. 1.0 hr(s)
Solar Lighting Systems Fonroche Lighting America 1.5 hr(s)
Daylight and Window Management with Automated Controls Mecho 1.0 hr(s)
Hybrid Heat Pump Systems: Delivering More with Less! CGC Group of Companies Inc. 1.25 hr(s)
Commercial Door Operators: A UL 325 Safety Standard Review LiftMaster 1.0 hr(s)
DC Fast Charging ChargePoint, Inc. 1.25 hr(s)
Path to Energy Savings in the Building Envelope Firestone Building Products 1 hr(s)
What's In A Wall? Components in a Cavity Wall Firestone Building Products 1 hr(s)
Designing with Architectural Decorative Glass General Glass International 1.0 hr(s)
Turn on the Daylight: Automated Shading for Human Health + Building Performance Mecho 1.0 hr(s)
A More Transparent Shade of Green: EPDs Drive Restrooms to the Lead in Green Design Excel Dryer 1.0 hr(s)
Leading-Edge, Sustainable Stadium Design Excel Dryer 1.0 hr(s)
Rethinking Solid Waste Management AEC Daily 2.5 hr(s)
Sustainable Solutions for Sectional and Rolling Doors Amarr Commercial Overhead Doors 1.0 hr(s)
Achieving Control and Peace of Mind with Connected Plumbing Products Zurn Industries, LLC 1.25 hr(s)
Sustainable High Pressure Decorative Laminate Wilsonart 1.0 hr(s)
Lessons in Socially Responsible Design, Paint Technology, and LEED® Requirements for a Sustainable Future Dunn-Edwards Corporation 1.0 hr(s)
Reducing Embodied Carbon with CO₂ Mineralized Concrete CarbonCure Technologies 1.0 hr(s)
Insulated Concrete Forms Fox Blocks, A Division of Airlite Plastics Company 1.0 hr(s)
Solid Surface: Seamless Form with Function Wilsonart 1.0 hr(s)
Concrete That Cleans Itself and the Environment Lehigh Hanson, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Recycled Content Surfacing Materials: Identifying Value under LEED® and Beyond Cosentino North America 1.0 hr(s)
Using Thermally Modified Wood in Building Design Thermory USA 1.0 hr(s)
LIVE Moss Wellness Walls: Soothing the Senses and Revitalizing Indoor Air Moss Walls - Live Eco-Systems 1.0 hr(s)
Polyiso CI for Code-Compliant Walls in Types I-IV Construction PIMA - Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association 1.5 hr(s)
Reroofing Commercial Buildings: 2015 IECC Requirements PIMA - Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association 1 hr(s)
The History & Benefits of Thermoplastic Single-Ply Roofing Systems Flex Membrane International Corp. 1.0 hr(s)
Designing Touchless Solutions for Proper Hand Hygiene in Commercial Restrooms Excel Dryer 1.0 hr(s)
Healthy, Wealthy and LEED®-Wise Regeneros 1.5 hr(s)
Universal & Sustainable: Green Hand Drying for All Abilities Dyson Inc. 1 hr(s)
Polyiso CI for Code-Compliant Walls in Type V and Residential Construction PIMA - Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association 1.5 hr(s)
Thick Outdoor Porcelain Tile Paving Systems Milestone 1.0 hr(s)
Anodizing 101: Building, Construction, & Design Aluminum Anodizers Council 1.0 hr(s)
Low Impact Development & Permeable Pavers TRUEGRID Pavers 1.0 hr(s)
Booming Bamboo: The (Re)discovery of a Sustainable Material with Endless Possibilities MOSO Bamboo 1.0 hr(s)
Energy Code Basics: Plug Load & Lighting Controls Legrand 1.0 hr(s)
Structural Steel: Sustainability & Fireproofing Black Rock Fireproof Column - A Division of United Steel 1.25 hr(s)
Porcelain Tile: Beyond Recycled Content Milestone 1.0 hr(s)
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement for Stormwater Management Unilock 1.5 hr(s)
Designing a Sustainable Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelope Mortar Net Solutions 1 hr(s)
Selecting Materials for Outdoor Applications: Choice of Materials—and Product Suppliers—Matters on Many Levels Forms+Surfaces 1.25 hr(s)
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs): Benefits and Advantages NUDURA 1.0 hr(s)
IMPs, EPDs, and HPDs: Sustainable Performance Metl-Span, a Nucor company 1.0 hr(s)
Tile and Stone: Compliance with Green Building Certification Systems LATICRETE International, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Outdoor Amenity Space Surfacing Materials and Systems Unilock 1.0 hr(s)
Creating Healthy Living Environments with New Paint Technology Benjamin Moore & Co. 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainability from the Top: Blue, White, & Green Roof Benefits Kemper System America, Inc. 1 hr(s)
Thermal Spacers for Code Compliance and Improved Energy Efficiency in Metal Buildings Sealed N Safe 1.5 hr(s)
Vinyl Flooring Uncovered HMTX Industries 1.0 hr(s)
Concrete-Faced Continuous Insulation Systems FinPan, Inc. - T. Clear Corporation 1.0 hr(s)
Separating Cool Roofing Facts From Myths Chemical Fabrics and Film Association 1.25 hr(s)
Mineral Wool as a Continuous Insulation Solution Owens Corning 1.25 hr(s)
Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Decorative Panels: Attractive, Durable, & Sustainable Composite Panel Association 1 hr(s)
Ponts thermiques et solutions de rupture thermique Fabreeka 1.25 hr(s)
Thermal Bridging & Thermal Break Solutions Fabreeka 1.25 hr(s)
Main Entrance Air Curtains: Improving Energy Efficiency, Health, & Comfort Berner International 1.0 hr(s)
Maximizing Envelope Performance with IMP-Integrated Components CENTRIA, a Nucor company 1.0 hr(s)
Sound Control in Multi-Family Floor/Ceiling Assemblies Arcosa Specialty Materials 1 hr(s)
Energy Savings with Air Curtains Mars Air Systems 1.5 hr(s)
Construction IAQ Management in LEED® Lunchbox Consulting Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP): Engineering Solution for Stormwater Management Techo-Bloc 1.25 hr(s)
Heat Recovery Ventilation: Why Efficiency Matters Zehnder America, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
The Importance of Balanced Ventilation with Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America 1.0 hr(s)
Acoustic Door Assemblies and Their Role in Sound Control AMBICO Limited 1.0 hr(s)
Creating Sustainable Roofs with Standing Seam Metal Roofing Everlast Metals 1.0 hr(s)
Operable Walls for Sustainable Design Solar Innovations, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainable Materials for the Bath Native Trails 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainable Design Using Highly Insulated Diffused Natural Daylight Kalwall Corporation 1.25 hr(s)
Greening the Amenity Deck Tournesol Siteworks 1.25 hr(s)
Sun Control Window Films 3M Company 1.0 hr(s)
Artisanal Craft in Sustainable Spaces Native Trails 1.0 hr(s)
Don’t Be on the Fence about Coatings: Selection Matters Alumi-Guard 1.0 hr(s)
Advanced Cellulose Insulation: A Sustainable Solution to Fire Safety Applegate Insulation 1.25 hr(s)
Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Synthetic Grass Solutions SYNLawn 1.0 hr(s)
Synthetic Thatch Roofing: A Sustainable Update to Tradition ENDUREED / Global Innovation 1.25 hr(s)
LEED® Implementation for Contractors Part 1: Pre-Construction Processes LEED 2009 Sustainable Solutions 1.25 hr(s)
Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Data Centers Utilizing Containment Strategies Chatsworth Products 1.5 hr(s)
Architectural Resin Solutions for Light, Color, & Pattern Lumicor 1.0 hr(s)
Green Roof Design Considerations LiveRoof Global and LiveWall, divisions of Hortech, Inc. 1 hr(s)
Designing High-Performance Data Centers for Intelligent Buildings Legrand 1.25 hr(s)
Design Considerations for Plantable Permeable Pavement Soil Retention 1.0 hr(s)
Water-Based PVDF Coatings for Sustainable Design Arkema Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
PMR Roofs: Designing for Sustainability American Hydrotech, Inc. 1.25 hr(s)
Floor Warming, Primary Heating, Snow Melting & Roof Deicing with PTC Heaters STEP Warmfloor 1.0 hr(s)
Redwood Lumber & Timbers: Advanced Specification Details Humboldt Sawmill Company 1.0 hr(s)
3 Steps to Understanding Commercial Solar Lighting Specifications Sunna Design Inc. 1.5 hr(s)
Local Vacuum Networks: A Sustainable, Economical Strategy VACUUBRAND, Inc. 1.5 hr(s)
The Solar-Ready Roof: Optimize the Design S-5! Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. 1.0 hr(s)
Climate-Positive Decorative Panels: From Forest Management to Material Substitution Uniboard 1.25 hr(s)
Building Envelope Guidelines for Mass Timber VaproShield LLC 1.25 hr(s)
Energy Analysis Done Right: The When and Why Willdan 1.0 hr(s)
Building Science Master Summit: Designing for Long-Term Below-Grade Thermal Performance DuPont Performance Building Solutions 1.25 hr(s)
Building Science Master Summit: High-Performance Commercial Wall System Design DuPont Performance Building Solutions 1.25 hr(s)
Commercial Design and Construction with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Amvic Building System 1.25 hr(s)
Polycarbonate Glazing Systems: An Energy-Efficient Daylighting Solution AmeriLux International, LLC 1.0 hr(s)
Eliminating Concrete Moisture Through Sustainable Design ISE Logik Industries, Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
Bicycle Parking and Storage Inside and Out Velodome Shelters 1.0 hr(s)
A Practical Look at Green Buildings for Contractors Lunchbox Consulting Inc. 1.0 hr(s)
High-Performance Building Envelope Designs with Insulating Concrete Forms Quad-Lock Building Systems Ltd. 1.5 hr(s)
Improving Environments with Sustainable Recycled Rubber Flooring Regupol America 1.25 hr(s)
Sun Control Devices for Energy-Efficient Design Ruskin 1.0 hr(s)
Technology and Trends in Sustainable Tropical Hardwoods Nova USA Wood Products 1.5 hr(s)
The ABCs of EPDs: An Introduction to Environmental Product Declarations for Building Designers and Managers PIMA - Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association 1.25 hr(s)
Commercial Faucets: The Hidden Link to Water Conservation Chicago Faucets 1.0 hr(s)
Improve IAQ, Reduce Carbon Emissions, and Save Energy through Performance-Based Ventilation Design enVerid Systems 1.5 hr(s)
Introduction to Solar Control and Safety & Security Window Films Solar Gard 1.0 hr(s)
Achieving Green Building Standards with Sustainable Metal Coating Systems Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings 1.0 hr(s)
Sustainable Design With Recycled Rubber Surfaces Dinoflex - Recycled Rubber Innovators 1 hr(s)
Concrete Masonry: The Energy Efficiency Solution National Concrete Masonry Association 1.25 hr(s)
Thermal Bridging: Small Details with a Large Impact DuPont Performance Building Solutions 1.25 hr(s)
Permeable Walkways with Decomposed Granite and Natural Aggregate Pathway Materials Kafka Granite, LLC 1.25 hr(s)
There are 158 courses in this collection.