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  • Textile air dispersion systems have come a long way from the days of cotton diffusers and duct socks. Today's systems are custom engineered and constructed from advanced polyester fabrics that offer features and capabilities not possible with other air distribution systems. This course examines the similarities and differences between metal and fabric systems and highlights the design, performance, efficiency, and sustainability characteristics unique to textile air dispersion. As well, the wide-ranging application possibilities for textile systems are explored.

  • Air curtains provide a controlled stream of air across a door or window opening, creating a seamless barrier between two distinct spaces while still allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of traffic. Air curtains offer significant energy savings to building owners by helping to maintain interior building temperatures. This course examines how air curtains reduce whole- building energy consumption, provide thermal comfort, and maintain air quality even when a door is open. The basic principles and theory of how air curtains operate and how to properly identify applications and maximize the air curtain’s energy savings potential are discussed in detail. Selection, application, and installation of the various types of air curtains are also explained.

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Displaying 1 - 2 of 2 results.