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Lawns & Beyond: The Creative Possibilities of Synthetic Grass (Online: Self-Paced)

The enhanced need for water conservation and a decrease of harmful runoff resulting from lawn maintenance has pushed the demand for environmentally-friendly alternatives for landscaping and recreational areas. Explored in this course are the uses, benefits, and specification and installation considerations of artificial turf products that replicate...

The Benefits of Synthetic (Artificial) Grass for Playgrounds (Online: Self-Paced)

Synthetic (artificial) grass or turf has improved steadily since its first installation half a century ago, and it is now a sophisticated surfacing system that can be customized to suit specific purposes. This course reviews that development and then focuses on the specifics of synthetic grass suitable for use on playgrounds. This focus includes a ...

Synthetic (Artificial) Grass Specifically Designed for Dogs (Online: Self-Paced)

Synthetic (artificial) grass, specifically designed for use with dogs, is a cost-effective solution that offers a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for dogs. Presented here are the health, safety, performance, and cost benefits of installing synthetic grass specifically designed for dogs; its suitable applications; design consider...

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ForeverLawn, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced synthetic grass surfacing solutions. We offer an innovative range of specialized synthetic grass products within our five brands– K9Grass, Playground Grass, SportsGrass, GolfGreens, and ForeverLawn Landscape– each designed from the ground up to meet s...

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