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For over 20 years, Ascension has been designing and manufacturing wheelchair lifts that contribute to environmentally friendly business practices, and to the efficient use of natural resources.

Ascension designs wheelchair lifts for efficiency. They only use about as much energy as turning on your home vacuum cleaner for a minute or two.

Additionally, Ascension lifts come with a standard 10-year drive train warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. This long product life cycle helps reduce burdens on our landfills.

When customers want to upgrade from an older Ascension lift model to a newer one, they can make use of Ascension’s buyback program. Not only will we buy back their older model, but we will also completely recondition it to be sold as a certified pre-owned lift. As a result, existing customers can upgrade their lifts with a clear conscience, newer clients can have the benefits of owning a certified pre-owned Ascension lift, and our environment can stay just a bit cleaner.

Ascension lifts are manufactured with 39% recycled steel in their construction, reducing the need for raw materials and the energy to produce them.