Advanced Building Products, Inc.

Advanced Building Products, Inc.

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Rainscreen Products
Rain Screen Systems provide a pressure moderated airspace between the inner structural wall and the exterior cladding that promotes drainage and ventilation. Ventilation properties are a key component to removing water vapor and enhancing the drying between the sheathing and exterior cladding.

Mortar Deflection Products
Our Mortar Break® is a molded polymer core geomatrix material that suspends mortar droppings within the cavity wall, which allows moisture to drain freely down and out of the wall via open head joints, weep vents, or weep tubes. Mortar Break® is available in either a straight strip, or dovetail configuration. Mortar Break® and Mortar Break® DT (dovetail) are an integral part of any moisture management system.

Balcony / Horizontal Drainage Applications
Advanced Building Products offers below grade drainage mats in various thicknesses to relieve hydrostatic pressure often created in the soil abutting foundations or other below grade structures. Our below grade drainage mats come in a number of thicknesses with a filter fabric on one or two sides.

Roof Drainage & Ventilation
Drainage and ventilation are equally important for commercial vegetated roofing systems and residential roofing projects.

Sound Attenuation Mats

Radon Abatement Mats
RAM Vent™ is a lightweight entangled geomatrix manufactured for use in an active radon mitigation system. RAM Vent™ is manufactured with a heat bonded filter fabric on one or two sides allowing air to flow freely based on our 95% open entangled design.

Marine Industry
MarineVent® is a revolutionary drainage and ventilation mat that creates an open space between cushions or other objects and your boat. By allowing air to flow, it dries up any moisture present.