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GREENBLOCKTM Monolithic Modular UnitsTM are manufactured from material complying with all applicable North American (Canadian & USA) building codes, using only flame retardant Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) which has been expanded only by steam and heat having no additives, using raw flame retardant PolyStyrene (PS) bead having a current and valid certification allowing its use as a building material product; and which meets in Canada C.G.S.B. Standard CAN./CGSB-51.20M87 permitted by Canadian National Building Code and Provincial Codes and as reported by CCMC and as required by the Canadian National Housing Act; and in USA Standard ASTM 84-91a permitted by ICBO, CABO, BOCA, SBCCI and as required by FHA, HUD, State DOE's and special city, county or area building code jurisdictions.