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Fabreeka-TIM® structural thermal break, or thermal insulation material (TIM), is an energy saving, load bearing thermal break used between flanged steel connections. Each Fabreeka-TIM thermal break pad has high compressive strength combined with low thermal conductivity, making it an effective solution to reduce thermal bridging through the building envelope. For further convenience, Fabreeka-TIM material is supplied in sheets or cut to size per customer drawings and/or specifications.

Fabreeka-TIM® RF is a high density, closed cell rigid polyurethane foam used as an effective thermal break for a variety of applications, such as column base thermal isolation for roof equipment, cold storage facilities, or to reduce thermal bridging between a roof and outdoor space. It also provides column base thermal insulation and is manufactured in several densities to support a range of load conditions.

Fabreeka structural expansion bearings, or slide bearings, accommodate thermal expansion and structural rotation in buildings, bridges, and pipe supports. Fabreeka designs and manufactures several types of expansion bearings for a wide range of applications, also including Teflon® bridge bearing pads. The expansion bearings are supplied as an upper and lower unit prepared to be tack or stitch welded in the field.

Fabreeka pad is the original preformed fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The properties of the Fabreeka cotton duck pad are exceptionally suited for impact shock control, vibration isolation, and structure-borne noise insulation. Fabreeka pad can be used as a bearing pad as well as for isolation washers, bushings, and OEM parts.

SA-47 bearing pads are made from masticated rubber using a blend of recycled rubber compounds and synthetic fiber reinforcement. The random oriented fibers, or ROF, provide enhanced compressive strength, stiffness, and tensile strength when compared to unreinforced bearing pad materials.

Fabreeka routinely provides a dynamic analysis of steel support structures, including a vibration survey and analysis, to determine current vibration levels and finite element analysis (FEA) to predict resultant vibration for a recommended solution.