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Architects can enhance restroom designs for their clients with Excel Dryer’s full line of touchless, American-made hand dryer options and accessories. Their products created the high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer category, redefining the public perception of hand dryers and setting a new standard for performance, reliability, and sustainability. With the most choices in the industry, we provide specifiers with customizable options to achieve the ideal aesthetic for their client’s restrooms.

A leader in sustainability, Excel Dryer was the first hand dryer company to commission an independent Life Cycle Assessment (peer reviewed to ISO 14040 standards) that confirmed the XLERATOR Hand Dryer reduces the carbon footprint of hand drying up to 75 percent versus even 100 percent recycled paper towels. Their hand dryers help facilities qualify for several certifications to achieve corporate sustainability goals, including the most LEED® v4 credits in the industry. In 2017, Excel Dryer became the first hand dryer manufacturer to publish third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by UL Environment.

The D|13 Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer by Excel Dryer is a premier choice among high-end establishments and represents the future of sustainable commercial restrooms. A masterpiece of form and function, the sink seamlessly fuses high efficiency fixtures on the sink deck allowing users to wash, rinse, and dry hands all in one place, as a result, no water is left on the floor. Its state-of-the-art features include HEPA filtration, adjustable speed and heat, LED illumination and a Sound Suppression Air Delivery System. With flexibility in the choice of color, shape, dimensions, and material, this is a great choice for architects and designers by offering them freedom to design their restroom with the aesthetic that they want.

XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® Hand Dryers are touchless, sensor activated and provide hygienic, cost-effective, and sustainable hand drying. Less touch points means less chance for cross-contamination between restroom surfaces, ultimately helping reduce the spread of germs. These dryers offer a 95 percent cost savings versus paper towels, eliminating their labor, maintenance, and waste. Both of these dryers come with an industry-leading 7-year warranty which covers all parts, most importantly the motor. Many other hand dryers on the market offer a lesser, more restrictive warranty, typically from 1–5 years.

The XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer, uses ‘no heat’ technology to dry hands fast using only 500 watts making it the most environmentally friendly hand dryer on the planet. With a maximum draw of four and a half amps, multiple XLERATOReco units can be installed on one 15- or 20-amp circuit, which significantly reduces installation time and costs.

For an added level of protection, many architects order the XLERATOR and XLERATOReco with our optional HEPA Filter, proven to remove 99.999% of viruses from the airstream. Existing XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Hand Dryers can easily be retrofitted with the HEPA Filtration System.

ThinAir® Hand Dryer is a high-efficiency model that is surface-mounted and meets the 4” ADA protrusion guidelines to accommodate people with visual impairment with its slimmer profile. ThinAir dries hands in 14 seconds, uses 960 watts or less and offers a 70% reduction in carbon footprint — even compared with 100% recycled paper towels.

Accessories that architects and designers like to incorporate in their restrooms include:

XLERATOR/XLERATOReco Recess Kit in brushed stainless or custom painted colors allows you to recess the dryer into the wall. An added benefit is that it minimizes water droplets on the floor.

XLERATOR/XLERATOReco XCHANGER Combo Kit combines the recess kit with the XChanger panel to retrofit existing paper/trash receptacles or for new restroom designs. Available in standard and ADA heights and in brushed stainless or custom painted colors.

Wall Guards are designed to fit under Excel Dryers to protect wall surfaces from water droplets. Antimicrobial wall guards come in black and white and are treated with Microban® which will not wear off for the life of the wall guard. Brushed stainless wall guards are also available.

Custom image covers allow you to convey your decision to go paperless to your customers, add a corporate logo, or custom design. There are many options for custom image designs on either painted or brushed stainless covers. We stock special paint covers in bone, raven black, and red baron. You can choose from a wide range of RAL paint colors with a minimum purchase of six covers or dryers.

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