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Humboldt Sawmill redwood is one of nature's finest and strongest building materials. It's the perfect material for projects including decks, shade structures, fences, and much more.


Humboldt Sawmill redwood uppers are high value, appearance products for finishing applications including fascia, millwork, paneling, siding, trim, and wainscoting. Featuring natural warmth, beauty, and long-lasting durability, Humboldt Sawmill redwood uppers also feature Class B flame spread and are approved for use in California's Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire hazard severity zones.

Humboldt Sawmill redwood uppers are offered in 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch dimension. Typical upper grades include B Grade, Heart B, Clear, and Heart Clear. Humboldt Sawmill redwood uppers feature limited knots and other imperfections and may be specified rough, surfaced four sides (S4S), or surfaced one side two edges (S1S2E).


Humboldt Sawmill redwood timbers are naturally strong, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly. Redwood is one of the lightest, yet structurally strongest, softwoods found in North America, making it ideal for a wide range of structural applications where large timbers are required.

Timbers are the largest pieces of solid sawn lumber produced by sawmills. To be classified as a timber, a piece of lumber must be at least 5” wide on each side. Timbers are most often used in structural applications including the following: beams, posts, shade structures, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, headers, rafters, framing, and barns. Humboldt Sawmill offers timbers in 6-inch and larger sizes, in lengths up to 24 feet. Our Scotia sawmill can accommodate special order redwood timbers up to 18”x24”x24’.


Humboldt Sawmill redwood decking is one of nature's finest and strongest building materials, with strength up to five times greater than that of composite decks. All this strength and durability comes packaged in a lightweight wood that's easy to work with.

In order to pick the best decking materials for your project, there are a few things you need to consider: grade, board size, and finish. We offer more than 30 types of redwood grades, varying in durability and appearance. Humboldt Sawmill also offers redwood boards as small as 2”x4”x8’, and as large as 2”x6”x20, or anywhere in between.


Humboldt Sawmill redwood fence products offer a winning combination of beauty and durability unique amongst fencing options. Humboldt Sawmill redwood fences may be built from the ground up, or you may purchase pre-assembled fence panels. Our pre-assembled fence panels are 6’ high and 8’ wide. If you go with this option, you will still have to install posts, but entire sections of your fence will be pre-built and thus easier to install. If you choose to build your own fence, customization is easier and you will be less limited by terrain. We offer multiple design options for both pre-assembled fence panels and post-and-rail construction.


Humboldt Sawmill Douglas-fir products are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C013133), and eligible for LEED project credit. Available Rough and Surfaced Four Sides in a range of dimensions, grades, and lengths, including Free of Heart Center (FOHC).