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Florence Corporation

5935 Corporate Drive
Manhattan, KS 66503
Phone: 800-275-1747
Fax: 800-275-5081

Florence Corporation has set the pace for innovation in centralized mail delivery since 1934. From our first patent, we’ve continually perfected USPS Approved and Private Delivery products and accessories. At Florence, we guarantee that all of our products meet the highest standards of security and durability. We also ensure that your centralized mail equipment is crafted within ISO-certified quality production and environmental standards at our vertically integrated facility.

  • The Tomscot Scottsdale small and large size white mailboxes are mounted on a wall in a lobby at the bottom of the stairs.
  • The Sky Song Scottsdale small and large silver mailboxes are flush with the wall at shoulder height. They are set up in aisles with a table and chairs for viewing mail.
  • The LUXE Scottsdale black mailboxes are in a modern room with one aisle of mailboxes in the middle. Square lights hang from the ceiling and dark wood paneling is on the walls.