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Residential Elevators, Inc.

2910 Kerry Forest Parkway, D4-1
Tallahassee, FL 32309
Phone: 850-926-6022
Fax: 850-926-5319
Toll-free: 800-832-2004

  • Factory Direct installation of Home Elevators throughout the Southeast United States, Eastern Seaboard, Texas and California
  • Authorized Distributors of residential elevators throughout the United States
  • Our Luxury Lift residential elevators are built using the same design criteria developed over decades and used in the commercial elevator market
  • Enjoy commercial elevator features at residential elevator prices
  • Save money on your taxes by installing a Home Elevator
  • The home elevator company with the greatest selection of elevator cabs
  • Unmatched Quality on home elevators and wheelchair lifts
  • The quietest and smoothest home elevators available anywhere