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Citadel Architectural Products, Inc

Citadel Architectural Products, Inc

3131-A North Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN 46226
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Field-Assembled Cladding
These budget-friendly systems offer quick lead time, on-site fabrication, as well as a number of different core options to suit your specific application.

Field-Assembled ACM / MCM
All the benefits of a tested ACM / MCM in a system that can be fabricated on-site, along with a quick lead time makes these products the optimization of value.

Shop-Fabricated ACM / MCM
Offering the ultimate in high-end aesthetics and performance, these systems provide both wet and dry sealed options to meet the most demanding requirements.

Glazing Infill Panels
As a complement or replacement for glass, infill panels are the perfect solution for a number of different storefront or window applications.