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Elmes Door Hardware

19142 South Van Ness Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: 310-618-8870
Fax: 310-618-8874

Elmes Door Hardware manufactures a diversified collection of exquisite door handles. The distinct creative style of Elmes is available in over 800 contemporary and traditional designs and over 2,500 finish and material possibilities. Elmes maintains a competitive lead-time of three to four weeks on about 80% of the products listed in the standard catalog. In addition to our vast collection, we also welcome custom door handle inquiries. We craft our products with the finest materials and workmanship available. Many of the finishes, materials, and crafting techniques are exclusive to Elmes. For example, the satin brushing procedure creates vertical and uniform, defined lines. Also, Elmes? brass material is protected with a durable ceramic coating instead of the traditional lacquer. Elmes? products do offer more substance than skin-deep beauty, which includes valuable applications for antibacterial, water resistance, heat resistance, and static resistance requirements. Please visit our website or call us today.