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AVCON Railing Systems

AVCON Railing Systems

1915 Swarthmore Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: 800-724-5464
Fax: 732-286-0526

AVCON produces two families of Thermoplastic Structural Railing. Each share the same styles but use different connection methods, one “Classic” one “Original. Each offer distinct advantages.

When a more conventional look is needed, the Horizal line offer multiple “picket” options. Different shapes and even alternating placement of the pickets can offer a custom “made to order” appearance without the custom expense.

Presidential Powder Coated Aluminum offers a more traditional square or rectangle picket style. The number of horizontal rails used, the style / type of picket, glass and panel options are all available. Other options, such as decorative rings placed at strategic locations can further extend the architectural and custom look of the Presidential line.