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GERB Vibration Control Systems

1950 Ohio Street
Lisle,, IL 60532
Phone: 1-888-454 GERB(4372)
Fax: 1-630-724 1664

GERB Schwingungsisolierungen (Vibration Control Systems) was founded to reduce vibrations. Vibration isolation of machinery, equipment, and in structures has gone into two main directions: Active isolation (source isolation) of machinery and components, especially in power plants and the forging industry. The elastic support of turbines, condensers, boiler feed pumps, coal mills, furnaces, diesel generators, and pipework systems is today as well known as the vibration isolation of all types of forging hammers and presses. Passive isolation (receiver isolation) of precision machinery, structures, and buildings, as a protection against settlement, earthquakes, or vibrations caused by adjacent traffic or industry.