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Cotag International

17304 Preston Road, Bldg E100
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 800-866-9088

Cotag provides a full range of RFID products, including tags, read/write units, controllers and antennas. All of the Cotag tags are essentially the same, with a different form factor. The tags are relatively small, ranging from the 911 keytag (approximately one inch wide, one and a half inches long and one-quarter inch thick), to the 970 vehicle tag, which is approximately two inches wide, three inches long and one inch in thickness. All active tags have 63 bits and contain a battery. The useful life of the battery is stated as 7 years, and the tags have a battery low status bit (not one of the 63 user bits). Read times are relatively slow, with about 5.8 milliseconds required for each bit read. However, all 63 bits do not have to be read, thus partial reads can be quicker than a total read which requires about 365 milliseconds. The tag responds to the activation signal with a 66KHz return signal.