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MORIN, A Kingspan Group Company

MORIN, A Kingspan Group Company

685 Middle Street (Corporate HQ and East Manufacturing)
Bristol, CT 06010
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  • As architects push the boundaries of design, the need for a material that offers the greatest amount of flexibility is required. From the vast number of aesthetic options, superior durability, cost efficiencies, and ease of installation in all weather conditions, single-component metal panel systems offer such flexibility.

  • The beautiful gray patina of zinc architectural metal has graced the rooftops of buildings in Europe for hundreds of years. This course examines the sustainable characteristics of zinc as a roofing material, including its 100% recyclability, zero VOC requirement, and low embodied energy production process. The life cycle analysis of zinc is examined, as is zinc’s long-term service life. Various types of roof and wall applications are also discussed.

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