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Unique Fire Stop Products

20850 River Rd
Robertsdale, AL 36567
Phone: (877) 960-5018
Fax: (251) 960-5068

Unique Fire Stop Products manufactures UNIQUE Sleeve Systems for fire barrier penetrations. You have found THE SOLUTION ! These UL Classified Sleeve Systems are designed for the (professional) Low Voltage Telecommunications Cable Installer. Our UL Classified retrofit Split Sleeve System has saved countless hours of downtime and expensive labor by its ability to be installed around cables in violation of fire codes without having to remove the cables. Our Penetrator Systems are complete U L Classified Sleeve Systems for new cable installations. They are designed for horizontal as well as vertical applications. We now have fill material for the ends of our Sleeves. Click on the New Products page to see our two new Penetrators and our fill kit. Visit our Products page to see the patented, UL Classified, retrofit "Split Sleeve and Penetrator Systems". Visit our UL Listed Systems page to see our U. L. Listings. Visit our Distributors page for stocking distributors in your area. For information on how to become a Distributor of our UNIQUE new firestopping products, call or email our Sales Department. We provide an installation training video (click to watch it) for factory certification of installers of our systems. We can also provide "free" fire stop training that is approved by BICSI for 2 CEUs for RCDDs, Technicians, and Installers. Call for details.