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Hatch Transformers

5403 W. Gray St.
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: 813-288-8006
Fax: 813-288-8105

Hatch Transformers Inc. manufactures electronic ceramic metal halide ballasts. They operate par 20, par30, par38, ED17, T6, and double ended ceramic metal halide lamps, from 20 to 150 watts. In addition, we manufacture electronic low voltage transformers for halogen and xenon lamps, from 10 to 300 watts. With primary voltages from 120 to 277. Finally, we also manufacture electronic CFL ballasts for 4-pin lamps ranging from 10 to 42 watts. These are available in 1 or 2 lamp applications, with primary input voltages from 120 to 277. With the addition of electronic T-5 ballasts that run lamps from 8 to 13 watts, in 1 and 2 lamp applications