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Sunwatt Corp.

Rural Route 1, Box 7751
Jonesport, ME 04649
Phone: 207-497-2204
Fax: 207-497-2123

SunWatt Corporation is introducing a new series of photovoltaic modules to power laptop computers directly from the sun. These modules, designed specifically to recharge and power laptops, come in five models, depending on the voltage requirement of a specific computer, and can be ordered with the proper plug for a particular model of laptop. The first four L-Type SunWatt modules have the same output current, (rated at 600mA) which is determined by the sunlight intensity but should be sufficient on a sunny day to both power the typical laptop and recharge its battery, the L-24 has an output current of 350mA at its higher rated voltage. A "Y" cord can be ordered to power a computer and its attached portable printer in some cases. The five SunWatt L-Type modules come in the following voltage ranges