Structron Corp. (Seymour Manufacturing Co., Inc.)

P.O. Box 248
Seymour, IN 47274
Phone: 800-457-1909
Fax: 812-522-6109

From Wagon Wheels to Shovels Back in 1872 Seymour Manufacturing was a premier manufacturer of wagon wheel spokes and hubs. In the late 1800's we adapted to meet the growing demand for scythes and grain cradles. The wagon wheel business is gone and scythes are rare. But Seymour is stronger than ever building quality lawn & garden and contractor hand tools and fireplaces accessories for a wide range of home, farm, commercial, and industrial applications. Seymour is Prime in both hardwood and fiberglass handles The sawmill at our headquarters in Seymour Indiana is the starting point in the manufacture of premium quality North American hardwood handles. Realizing that many future tools would have fiberglass handles, we acquired Structron Corporation in 1995. Structron has been the industry leader in the development and manufacture of extra-strong fiberglass handles and fiberglass handled tools. This strategic alliance enables us to better serve our customers with a broad range of quality products at competitive prices.