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Harvey Cement Products

16030 Park Ave.
Harvey, IL 60426
Phone: 708.333.1900
Fax: 708.333.1910

In 1949, Frank Steck, Sr. needed three concrete blocks to repair a foundation wall; later that year, Harvey Cement Products was formed. Fifty years and three generations later, his business is still providing Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana with high quality concrete masonry products. Harvey Cement has evolved from production using a hand-operated machine in Frank Steck's garage to a fully automated production facility, capable of producing a wide variety of sizes and colors of masonry units. Back in 1949, each customer order was hand loaded and unloaded on a 1947 Dodge flat bed truck; today we are able to deliver customer orders with a fleet of trucks that function at virtually any job site. Our fifty years of experience have enabled us to appreciate our customers' needs, as well as affording us the ability to enhance our philosophy of running our business with honesty and integrity