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American Colloid Co.

2870 Forbs Avenue
Hoffman estates, IL 60192
Phone: 847-851-1700
Fax: 847-851-1799
Toll-free: 800-276-2737

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American Colloid Company is one of the world's leading producers of bentonite clay. Bentonite's unique chemical structure gives it a diverse range of capabilities, enabling it to act as a "glue" for foundry sand molds, a lubricating agent for well drilling, a binder for medicinal tablets, and as an additive to improve the viscosity of body lotion and other cosmetic products. American Colloid Company's trademark Volclay® sodium bentonite is ideal for applications in oil well drilling and forming foundry sand molds. A calcium-based bentonite, found chiefly in the southern United States, is especially suited for use in foundry and agricultural applications.