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United States Pipe & Foundry Company

3300 1st Ave N, P.O. Box 10406
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: 205-254-7442
Fax: 205-254-7165

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Originally incorporated in 1899 as United States Cast Iron* Pipe and Foundry Company, the incorporation consolidated 12 companies located in eight states. Companies in the original consolidation included Chattanooga Foundry and Pipe Company, South Pittsburgh Pipe Works, Howard-Harrison Iron Company, The Anniston Pipe Foundry, Addyston Pipe and Steel Company, Buffalo Cast Iron Pipe Company, Dennis Long Company, Lake Shore Foundry Company, McNeal Pipe and Foundry Company, National Foundry and Pipe Works, Limited, Ohio Pipe Company, and Wisconsin Steel Company. At the time of its incorporation, it is estimated that U.S. Pipe produced approximately 75% of the production capacity in the United States. Of the 14 plants that composed the original corporation, three continue in operation today under new names. These plants are U.S. Pipe's Bessemer, AL, Burlington, NJ, and Chattanooga, TN facilities.