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High Security... R-Fence, Soccer Stadium R-Fence and Gates, Amphitheater ...and Highly Decorative H-Fence, Park LEGI-Flor Trellis/Gazebo Outerspace Landscape Furnishings is the US distributor for LEGI ornamental steel fencing, gates and modular trellis components. LEGI steel fences, gates and trellises have been used as architectural and landscape furnishings at many industrial, commercial and recreational sites around the world. (If you would like to request our printed literature, please leave your name and mailing address with the Visitor's Information Form, and we'll be happy to send it to you). Fence and trellis mesh is fabricated from steel wire rods which are robotically welded, then hot-dip galvanized and polyester powder coated. This makes these fence, gate and modular trellis components extremely durable. (The variety of components, sizes, and finishes are discussed in the Description of Fence Components and in our list of Ordering Specifications.) Architects and landscape architects have used LEGI steel fences, gates and trellis components to design a variety of gazebos, pergolas, kiosks, shelters, lighting standards and decorative sculptures for streetscapes, parks, bus and light rail stops, shopping centers, arboreta, malls, sports stadiums, office buildings, parking lots and other facilites