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Stone Solutions

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Concrete has become very fashionable for home and business interiors. Unfortunately concrete, by nature of its makeup, is heavy and cracks easily. This poses a problem for countertops and other similar products because they have to be made in small, manageable pieces that can be carried, or they will crack or break. Stone Solutions concrete products are manufactured with G.F.R.C. (glass fiber reinforced concrete). This mixture of concrete, sand, cement, fiberglass strands, and acrylic allows our product to be manufactured thinner, but stronger and without the same cracking and weight issues of regular concrete. GFRC has been used for many years for building exteriors, but Stone Solutions is the first to bring this technology inside. Our products are not just beautiful, they are more functional and durable than the materials they replace. Stone Solutions concrete products can be manufactured to any specification, size, color, and look. Our unique manufacturing process gives our customers a wide array of design options and styles that create a one-of-a-kind product every time. From the simple gray concrete look to the elaborate glass terrazzo, we can make it all. We can even mimic marble and granite if the customer desires. The only limit to what we can make is the customer's imagination!