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Kaufman Products

3811 Curtis Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21226-1131
Phone: 410-354-8600
Fax: (410) 354-1122
Toll-free: (800) 637-6372

Since 1960, Kaufman Products has been a leading manufacturer of concrete treatments, including curing compounds, curing & sealing compounds, structural epoxy-resin mortars and grouts, Portland cement non-shrink grouts, form release agents, cementitious repair mortars, underlayments, self-leveling wear-toppings, hardeners, dustproofers, and epoxy resin overlays, sealers and coatings. Always manufactured in-house, in our state of the art, computer controlled plant, we produce our materials to exacting standards in order to meet the many ASTM, AASHTO and State Departments of Transportation standards. Tested independently, batch by batch, by over thirty-five states, our product line has become synonymous with consistent quality.