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Since 1989, BoMetals has earned a reputation in the concrete and masonry accessory market for continuous innovation, enthusiastic customer service and dedication to the construction industry. BoMetals serves the concrete accessory market by manufacturing a wide variety of products used in both commercial and residential construction. These products include a comprehensive offering of PVC Waterstop profiles to meet the needs of almost any job. BoMetals is also the nation’s top manufacturer of keykold joint systems. They include QuicKey™, the only galvanized joint system that features square dowel knockouts and PRO-KEY™, with a patented positive stake-to-key interlock. Other concrete products include Keyway Caps, Dovetail Anchor Slot, Dovetail Anchors, Expansion Board Caps and Zip Joints. BoMetals serves the masonry market with a complete line of Control Joint products, which are available in both PVC and rubber compounds. BoMetals products are available through a national network of distributors. A trained and knowledgeable sales and engineering staff offer personalized service unparalleled in the industry today.