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Getz Recycle

PO Box 11510
Glendale, AZ 85318
Phone: 602 278-7600
Fax: 602 272-5668

GETZ RECYCLING EQUIPMENT was started by Roland A. Getz, President, in 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona. This company has become well known nationally for its line of conveying, screening, and recycle crusher equipment. Roland A. Getz, President and Chairman of the board. Prior to the ownership and operation of GETZ RECYCLING, Mr. Getz was a contractor and has been established in the resurfacing business for over 30 years. This experience in the resurfacing business has given Mr. Getz an insight into what the present-day contractor wants, but also what he needs. GETZ RECYCLING is proud to be the company it is today. Years ago when we started out, nobody knew who GETZ RECYCLING was. Today, articles in nationally circulated magazines are often referring to, or are about our small company and the technology we have brought to the industry. It's very exciting to be on the cutting edge of an industry that is evolving so rapidly!