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Coni-Marble Manufacturing Ltd.

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Product description: AVIAN is a Full Thickness solid surfacing supplied and installed directly by its Canadian manufacturer. Avian solid surfacing is a hard, hygienic surface material for counters and casework made from modified polyester acrylic resin. Avian resembles stone but cuts like wood. Its non-porous and homogeneous consistency with consistent colour and pattern through its thickness permits three-dimensional shaping. Avian can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Soap and water or ammonia-based liquid cleaners will remove most surface dirt, stains and smudges. Unlike laminate surfacing, more difficult stains, cigarette burns and most other surface discolorations can be removed simply by using an abrasive cleaner or fine sandpaper followed by wiping with a Scotch-Brite pad. Some polishing may be necessary to bring these areas to their former finish.