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Old World Mouldings

115 Allen Blvd
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone: (516)293-1789
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Fine woodwork, with its carved trim and crown mouldings, is still widely appreciated in the fields of architecture and interior decorating. For over 40 years, Old World Mouldings, Inc., has set the industry standard for providing a wide range of hardwood mouldings designed to meet any architectural requirement. Our designs and profiles offer building professionals the tools to create distinctive interiors, characterized by simple elegance and classic ornamental detail. Old World's specialty is embossed ornamental millwork and mouldings tailored to complement a wide variety of decor periods that have an Old World basis. The company's primary product is hardwood mouldings. These mouldings include decorative hardwood for panel, trim, ceilings, chair rail, baseboard, and casings. While produced by modern woodworking techniques, they match the intricacy, grace, and beauty of hand-carved originals.