AirLocke Dock Seal

549 W. Indianola Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44511
Phone: 800-538-2388
Fax: 330-788-6705

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air Locke Dock Seal, a division of O'Neal's Tarpaulin Company, has been in business for over 50 years. Since their inception in 1936 O'Neal's have manufactured and designed many specialty items for their clients. In 1965, Larry O'Neal, owner of air Locke Dock Seal invented and began to market the first air inflated dock seal for trucks, and railroad cars. Since then, the company has taken on many other large scale projects. In 1981, the first MediGate Seal was manufactured by air Locke Dock Seal, who now provides approximately 90% of all seals manufactured for mobile hospital units, such as MRI's.