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  • Food and wine preservation refers to the process of storing products under ideal conditions in order to maximize longevity. Preserving food and wine maximizes its shelf life and flavor which, in turn, enhances the enjoyment of its consumption. Additionally, proper preservation results in less waste and saves the consumer money. This course reviews the causes of premature food deterioration, the optimal conditions for storing wine and food, and the solutions that are available with a focus on modern refrigeration units.

    Prerequisites: No

    Course Level: Introductory

  • Kitchens have evolved, and so has the role of refrigeration in the home, and there are a variety of factors that are contributing to this change. This course examines the social, economic, and demographic trends that are stimulating the reimagining of the kitchen space. The latest trends in kitchen design are discussed, as is the role of modular refrigeration—a key design element in the creation of functional spaces that reflect the changing domestic landscape.