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Urban Invest

Orce Nikolov str. 190/4-2
1000 Skopje,
Phone: ++389 (0)2 3060 014
Fax: ++389 (0)2 3060 015

In the past 14 years URBAN INVEST has grown into a serious company in any point of view, in diversification of the production programme, the use of updated technology, engaging of highly educated personnel as well as the high level of developed ecological consciousness and social responsibility. The contemporary economical flows are complex and gross, so that we, as every serious subject in the economic life, with effort try to follow the newest achievements in the production technology, usage of raw materials and design, and everything with the purpose of responding to the growing requests of the consumers in the public and private sector. Still, we take care of the prevention of human living and working environment. The process of constant broadening of the sphere of action of our activities is followed by the permanent process of training and further education of our employees.