Hebei Bolong Metal Product Co. Ltd

Wanghulin Industrial Zone
Hengshui, 053600
Phone: 86-318-7862580
Fax: 86-318-7978667

Manufacturer of wire mesh and pipe fitting. Our company is an enterprise engaged in manufacturing,producing as well as trading various kinds of iron wire and wire meshes,and owns the advanced wire-drawing,galvanizing and net-weaving equipments. Its main products are as follows: Wire for: 1.iron wire; 2.galvanized iron wire; 3.PVC wire; 4.stainless steel wire and brass wire 5.Black annealed iron wire; 6.the cutting wire used in construction; 7."U"shaped iron wire for binding worm reinforcing steel bars; and so on. Wire mesh for: 1.stainless steel wire mesh ,cloth; 2.brass wire mesh; 3.hexagonal wire mesh; 4.expanded plate mesh series; 5.crimped wire mesh; 6.wire mesh for roast; 7.electric welded wire mesh; 8.galvanized square hole wire mesh; 9.window screening; 10.barbed wire; 11.protecting and decorating net for road railway and garden; 12.black wire cloth; 13.wire mesh for filtering liquid and gas; 14.artistic pattern mesh for guarding against thief; 15.plastic plain netting; 16.Wire Mesh for Printing industry; 17. Conveyor Belt Mesh; 18.crimped mesh; 19.link fence; 20.swine net for raising pig; 21.round hole netting; 22.Dutch weave wire mesh ; 23.Pipe Fittings; 24.ball valve; 25.Quick coupling; 26.woven machine; 27.welding machine; 28.medical crutch ; 29.medical waistline; and more.