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Major Industries, Inc.

Major Industries, Inc.

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More Daylighting Options = More Design Freedom

From translucent FRP panels to polycarbonate multiwall to glass and mixed glazed systems, Major Industries offers you more glazing choices and more versatility than the competition. Whether your project demands a monumental wall system, a complex custom design, a curved canopy, or just a small preassembled drop-on skylight, Major has a system that will meet both your needs and your budget.

Major specializes in translucent daylighting systems: skylights, canopies, and wall systems designed to help control glare and hotspots that can cause occupant discomfort and excessive HVAC costs. We also offer a wide range of specialty configurations, including blast- and hurricane-rated systems, mixed glazed skylights and wall systems, retrofit-ready translucent adapter panel systems that can fit 2.75" panels into 1" framing, custom colored insulation for a stained glass look, and much more. And all of our systems are backed by industry-best warranties and unmatched customer service.

Our full product line includes:

  • IlluminPC™ polycarbonate multiwall glazed wall systems
  • LightBasic™ translucent FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) panel systems designed for value and performance
  • Guardian 275® translucent FRP panel wall, skylight, and canopy systems with the most design versatility and options
  • Clima-Tite™ translucent FRP panel wall systems that feature pultruded fiberglass framing for enhanced thermal performance over traditional aluminum systems
  • Auburn® custom engineered glass and mixed glazed skylights for long-term performance

Whether you are designing a work area that requires translucent panels for glare-free light or an entryway that demands striking views of the sky, Major can create a solution that is right for you. Contact our knowledgeable team today to find out more, or visit us online to see more details about all of our product lines, as well as specs, CAD details and BIM product models, a large image gallery, performance and testing data, and more.

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